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# transfer dragon Software : If you are like most people, you probably have several different devices that you use for work or school. You might have a desktop computer at home, a laptop for when you’re on the go and a tablet for when you just want to relax. It can be difficult to keep all of your files organized and accessible across all of these devices. One solution to this problem is to use speech recognition software. This software allows you to control your computer with your voice, which can make it easier to access your files from any device. Nuance Dragon is one of the most popular speech recognition programs available, but it can be tricky to transfer it from one device to another. In this blog post,

we will walk you through the steps of how to transfer Dragon software to a new Windows computer.

1. Start by downloading the latest version of the Nuance Dragon software if you do not have the link to download Dragon Kindly Contact Dragon Technical Support at +1 310-513-5006.

2. Once the download is complete, open the downloaded file and follow the prompts to install the software on your new computer.

3. After the installation is complete, launch the program and activate Your Dragon Serial Number.

4. When your Dragon Serial Number is activated, click next and set up Your Dragon Profile.

5. After Than You are all set to Use Dragon.

Important Note: If  You are not Tech Friendly kindly Contact Dragon Support at +1 310-513-5006 for Dragon software Installation or transfer dragon Software, Do Not Attempt To reinstall Your Dragon By Yourself else you may end up losing your license permanently. This is what is Recommended to every User.

# Transfer nuance Dragon Software

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