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Are you getting any problems while installing  Dragon NaturallySpeaking Software? if yes At Nuance Dragon HelpDesk +1-310-513-5006, Our dragon support team will find solution to help you understanding the software well and use it to get effective results.Here, at this nuance dragon helpdesk page , dragon user can learn to install nuance dragon product and also, the methods through which you can use it for different aspects like performing actions and writing .

So, let’s get started!

Nuance Dragon HelpDesk – Tips to Install, Initialize & Run the Software

Step 1 – Nuance Dragon Installation Process

Before installing the Dragon Software, user should make sure that their PC meets the requirement that is listed in the guidelines that came up with your copy of dragon software.If, in any case, your system doesn’t meet the requirements, you won’t be able to install the dragon software on your PC.

To install Nuance Dragon NaturallySpeaking Software compeletly , close all the applications and turn off the virus detection software (if any).Now, insert the installation DVD into your PC and choose the type of installation that you want to do whether customized or containing whole functions.Now  follow the instructions as it suggests and click on all positive response.

Step 2 – Set Up Microphone in Dragon

Make sure how to use a microphone while setting up the software on your PC. It helps dragon user in proper voice detection.Now dragon user can configure the wizards setting and create a user profile by providing your age, name, regional accent and also select the microphone from the list of last , user  have to perform the ‘Volume Check’ and ‘Audio Quality Check’. Click on the suggested options consequently and read the sample text using your microphone. Once you’re finished reading the text, you’ll hear a beep sound both times.

Step 3 – Use Dragon software to Perform speech to text

Nuance Dragon is truly a software that works on speech to text. Here are few commonly used commands  used by dragon user–

  • Want to Turn Off the Mic? Say “Stop Listening” or “Wake Up”
  • Want to Switch Windows or Minimize? Say “Switch to ” or “Minimize Window”, or “Show Desktop”
  • Want to Open Menus? Say “File” or “View”. To select particular option in the menu, you can say “Move Up ” or “Move Down <number” and then “Mouse Click” or “Press Enter”
  • Want to Search Any Location of File? Say “Search for ”
  • Want to Have Better Browsing Experience? Say “Click link” or “Refresh Page” or “Open New Tab”
  1. Want to Use Text Editor? Say “DragonPad” or “MicrosoftWord” and then Say “Start” or “Open” to use their functionality.
  • Want to Perform Writing Action? Start speaking the words in microphone.

There are many features that you can use for making the best of Nuance Dragon NaturallySpeaking Software.

At Nuance Dragon HelpDesk, we’d be glad to answer your queries related to software. Keep visiting us and sharing your concerns.

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