About Us

Note: The organization is autonomous and brand independent with no links to Nuance Dragon.
Images are used for the informational purpose.

Dragonservicesupport.us is a best IT service provider for Nuance products.

We are providing support to our customer with almost all kind of technical issues related to Nuance Dragon Product, for more than a 15 years.

Our Dragon Experts are well trained in tackling all issues and have successfully achieved more than 85% fixing rate since the last couple of years.

Call US: +1-310-513-5006


One of our technicians , Robert Macbolt, successfully fix the issue after taking care of Windows registry. After this support, the  marketing team laid down the proper strategy to traget the technical support for those customers, who are not able to call Nuance directly.

Since 2009, we have made with our 2000+ customers helping them with a wonderful experience.

How do we work

nuance Support provides onsite and online solutions using the secure remote tool . Our Support Team believe in providing solutions first & then providing subscriptions. you can also follow our nuance dragon support yelp page as well 

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