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Have you ever made mistakes while using Nuance Dragon NaturallySpeaking Software? Well, it’s obvious you’d say yes!

We all have made mistakes at least twice or thrice while using this software. Based on our records and the feedback we’ve received from the users, here, in this blog, we have come up with a list of those 5 obvious mistakes that most of them have made while using the speech recognition software.

Would you like to know what are those mistakes you should not make while using Nuance Dragon?

Continue reading below!

5 Common Mistakes Made During the Usage of Dragon NaturallySpeaking

  1. Running Multiple Programs at a Time

The Nuance Dragon NaturallySpeaking software uses a lot of memory and space in your PC. It consumes more power and memory while multiple applications are running at a time.

Sometimes, you face it getting hanged for a while and not responding at all.

So, all these issues would occur due to running more than 1 application simultaneously.

  1. Turning Off PC Using Dragon Voice Commands

There are a few operating systems that gracefully handles the shutdown request but when it comes it Windows, it’s not always smooth and effective strategy.

It’s better that you avoid using voice commands to shut down your PC and do it manually instead.

  1. To Not Run Audio Setup & Customization

Whenever you connect a new microphone with your PC to use it with NaturallySpeaking Software, make sure, you perform the audio setup every time you do so. Because it may hamper the quality and accuracy you receive from the software.

It’s important to notify software about any changes you’ve made with the settings or the way you use it. And if it is about changing the microphone, the best way to notify your software is to perform the Audio Setup again.

  1. Using Someone Else’s Username

If you’re using the same username as someone else, the software might create problems for you. It might fail in recognizing your voice and following your commands properly.

You’ll receive a poor performance and bad accuracy as outcomes. So, try to avoid this mistake of using an already used username. Go unique and create an exclusive profile for your account.

  1. Dictating at A Noisy Place

Using Dragon NaturallySpeaking for dictation and transcription in a noisy place would be the biggest disaster. However, Dragon is so smart and immediately detects environmental changes and notifies the users of the same.

But still, if you continue to perform dictation at the same place, you might face bad quality it.

If you’ve also made a mistake while using Dragon and are not able to come over it, please call dragon support number +1 310-513-5006 to get instant support and a solution.

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