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Nuance Dragon Support Call Toll Free +1 310-513-5006

# transfer nuance dragon software :- Nuance Dragon Software is a speech recognition software that can make your tasks on computer 5 times easier and faster than the human efforts. It simply works on your voice commands. You speak and it dictates!

Please Follow this steps Before installing or upgrading Nuance Dragon Software :- 

  1. Close all word , outlook and dragon  applications.
  2. Disable any virus protection software
  3. User Should have Administrator rights to make any changes or to transfer dragon software

Upgrading Dragon 11 , 12, 13 ,15 from a previous version:

One can upgrade or transfer Nuance Dragon software Versions 7 and 8 , 11, 12 , 13 to dragon 15 . During an upgrading procedure will ask to:

  • Remove the previous version of nuance  Dragon software installation. If user will not remove the previous software  installation or  upgrade of new dragon is not possible . Removing any dragon Version will not remove speech files or vocab
  • Migrate existing dragon user files and vocabularies to latest dragon Version . 

Steps To install Nuance Dragon Software :

    1. Insert Nuance Dragon software CD into a CD-ROM drive.
      or Download the dragon software 15 using link , if you dont have the link please call dragon support at +1 310-513-5006.
  1. Choose the Dragon installation directory. the default directory is:
    • C:\Program Files\Nuance\NaturallySpeaking

Install Type Description:

  • Typical/Complete: Installs all dragon options and nuance dragon speech files and this requires the most disk space of around 6 GB.
  • Custom: Allows dragon user for selecting which options and speech files to install. Customizing options can reduce the disk space required for installation.
    • Modifying options (Professional): For the dragon Professional 15 , the following settings can be used during a custom installation. These settings are applied to all users created with this installation of nuance Dragon 15

If you are facing any issue you can always contact nuance dragon NaturallySpeaking support +1 310-513-5006

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