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Dragon NaturallySpeaking Home vs Individual

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Not sure about what are the major differences between dragon home vs individual ?

Confused about which edition to buy Dragon NaturallySpeaking Home or Premium?

Here are the important things you need to know about Dragon Speech Recognition Software –

All About Dragon NaturallySpeaking Software & Its Different Editions

The Dragon Speech Recognition and Voice Dictation Software comes in 4 different editions – Home, Premium, Professional and Legal. Out of these 4 editions, majority of people prefer to use two versions – Home and Premium.

Be it a medical person or a legal professional, both can use Dragon NaturallySpeaking Software to speak the most used medical or legal vocab and ask Dragon to dictate it to prepare documentation and necessary presentations for their concerned industries.

dragon home vs individual

The student version of Dragon NaturallySpeaking Software is mostly similar to Dragon Premium edition, so here would be seeing the similarities and differences between Dragon Speech Recognition Home and Premium Editions.

Similarities Between Dragon Home vs individual Editions

  • Dragon NaturallySpeaking Software Home and Premium both editions can be used for the voice dictation which means both can transform your voice into text.
  • By using both editions, you can easily click, move or crawl the mouse through your voice commands.
  • You can use both editions of Dragon Voice Recognition Software with web browsers or Microsoft Word and software like it.

Differences B/w Dragon Home & individual Editions

The Dragon Home edition is very basic version which consists of only limited features and functions. So, if you want to use following features with Dragon NaturallySpeaking, you will need to go for its Premium version.

  • Talk to your computer and make it text up through your voice commands.
  • Speak up to Dragon to create documents, make editing in that and do the advance corrections.
  • Use your Dragon profile with multiple audio input devices. While Home edition allows you to get connected with only one audio input device at a time, the Premium version enables the use of multiple input devices.
  • To use a Bluetooth wireless headset, you will need a premium edition as the Home edition allows USB based microphones.

So, these were the top-most similarities and differences between Dragon NatruallySpeaking Software’s Home and Premium Editions. If you are planning to buy one of these versions for yourself, you must talk with our Dragon Support Team to have a better knowledge about this.

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