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# cursor command in nuance dragon #Using Dragon NaturallySpeaking Software for voice dictation can be very strenuous sometimes. The people who don’t know how to exactly use this software would often end up with frustration of undone tasks.

Before you start using Dragon NaturallySpeaking Software, make sure you have a proper knowledge about this Software. From training to using voice commands and dictating the text, you must know everything about how speech recognition software works.

A few of our customers have asked us a common query of how to give the cursor directions to the Nuance Dragon Software and based on the frequency of this question being asked to our customer support team, we have planned this instruction guide for the same.

If you’re also facing the same concern, you can simply use the Move command to move the cursor in different directions in Nuance Dragon NaturallySpeaking Software. For an instance, you can forward or backward a certain number of characters, words, lines, or paragraphs by using the move command to give directions to the cursor. #cursor command in nuance dragon

To use the move command, you can say phrases like “Move Down Three”, “Move Back Two Paragraphs” etc.

For keeping it short and precise, you can use the three-word version of the Move Command that imitates the cursor key. This three-word command consists of these 3 things – 

  • Move
  • Directions (Up, Down, Left & Right)
  • Number from 1 to 20.

So, for example:

If you say the command “Move Down 11”, it would give you the same result that you get after pressing the down arrow key 12 times.

In case, if you wish to move a certain number of words or paragraphs, all you would have to do is to add the Words or Paragraphs to your 4 words voice command which includes –

  • Move
  • Direction like – Back or Forward
  • Number from 1 – 20
  • And the Unit, be it Words or Paragraphs.

So, it would look like –

“Move Back Five Words”

“Move Forward Four Paragraphs”

If you want to try something else instead of using Words or Paragraphs, Dragon gives you the option to use the units Characters or Lines.

And when you use the units as Words or Characters, use Left or Right directions instead of Back or Forward, on the other hand, when you use units like Lines or Paragraphs, you can use the directions as Up or Down instead of Back or Forward.

If you still have any confusion in using the cursor command in Nuance Dragon NaturallySpeaking software, please feel free to call us on toll-free number +1 310-513-5006.

# cursor command in nuance dragon

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